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Research Market Needs

The research industry builds diverse products for markets ranging from medical to education to semiconductor. Regardless of the end market, high precision, complexity, and performance requirements mark the products developed by this industry.

We provide rapid design, assembly and distribution at a low cost and with the highest quality standards.

Uct Research Market Solutions

We have a strong reputation for building high-complexity, high-precision products for the research industry. Offering a broad range of services, from engineering to integration to testing, our experts ensure your products are built to perform to your high standards.

Our ability to manage last-minute changes without compromising on cost or schedule makes us an indispensable partner to the research industry.

Product Capability Examples

Consultation and Design Vibration isolation, Precision stage development, Gas delivery, High resolution optics, Vision system software and controls integration Manufacturing Metrology systems, Surface profilometery

Complex Integration

Complex assembly of custom equipment

Chemical mixing and blending equipment

PLC software development

Frame integration

System Testing

Mechanical and electrical functionality and verification

Cycle testing and product qualification

Leak checking

Vacuum integrity


Design for manufacture, assembly & cost

Design verification

New product development

Product design

Test fixture design & automation

Change control and product data management

Thermal control systems



Finishing, plating and powder coating


Sheet metal


3D printing

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