We build products for the largest most demanding customers in the world.

We are a global, vertically integrated outsource manufacturing provider of broad-based manufacturing capabilities – from precision components to large scale systems.

Our goal is to deliver technology, manufacturing, and business value to our customers and strive for price performance advantage with fast response times. Our global, vertically integrated facilities align customer needs with local capabilities – offering the responsiveness, flexibility, and agility of a local company combined with the expertise and financial strengths of an experienced global manufacturing solutions provider.

From design assistance and prototype development to production and testing, a partnership with UCT can help you bring products and new product innovations to market faster, improve the efficiency of your supply chain and materials management, and increase your performance.

No matter where you are around the world, UCT can deliver the manufacturing solutions you need to gain a competitive edge.

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Jan 05

Research Equipment

The research equipment market faces some unique challenges. There are three big challenges especially: The first challenge is that,...

Aug 19

Medical Equipment

The medical market has shown steady growth. It is driven by two main forces: firstly, there is constant innovation in medical knowledge and, especially, technology. Secondly, the aging rich...

Aug 15

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is an approach to manufacturing that minimizes the resources required to produce a product. Although the term "lean" really only started to be used in this context in the 1990s,...



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